Paisley baby Makeover!

So last week was the final episodes of Gok Wan's 'Fill your house for free'. Wasn't it an amazing show? So inspiring! I loved what all the stylists did with their homes and I was very blessed I had the opportunity to work on 5 homes featured on the show. 

Did you love teacher's Karen & Domenic's home? I've been asked ALL week about this one! So here is my sneek peeks behind the transformation and my inspiration too for such a wonderful family from Paisley, Glasgow. 

 Transforming the nursery!! Team Paisley style!

Transforming the nursery!! Team Paisley style!


Here is my original mood board for their baby bump's nursery! Karen and Domenic wanted a soft grey and yellow scheme as they didn't know if they were expecting a boy or a girl.

 This is a close up of Nessa's fabulous mobile she designed with Karen on the show. Very cute!

This is a close up of Nessa's fabulous mobile she designed with Karen on the show. Very cute!

The chair transformation was a great project. I've been asked alot of questions about this! It was a present from Karen's friend and was broken - so I decided we can fix it and make it of great use for nursing the baby in the room. I wanted to keep the tones they wanted and Karen loved the feel of their wedding venue which was very new england style - so I found this great plaid material which was very inkeeping and knew it would look amazing. I drafted in my team the services of Alison Coyle, a brilliant designer from Glasgow, of children's clothes and accessories (there is nothing this woman can't transform) so she had the mammoth task of recovering the nursing chair and stool while we repainted in a soft grey chalk paint then waxed for wear and protection. 

Ta-da! what a transformation! Yes it is the same chair from above!!!! So so beautiful and Alison completed this in less than a day. Do you love the wardrobe too? This was knackered when I saw it! The door was locked shut with no key - it was covered in stickers - it was a turkey yellow colour.....there was no saving it to most but I could see how it could easily be something beautiful. We got the door opened, i designed the panels to be taken out and we added in the material to match for a softer take on a children's wardrobe. We repainted it with chalk paint, and again waxed for related usage. Finally, the new knobs gave it a whole new look and meaning! 

So this is before pic of the baby's room.

And here is the after pic! Cosy, stylish & warm and waiting for baby! Karen and Domenic loved it! 

This is a 2 part dresser that would found for free online. We re-painted it with chalk paint, sanded it, painted it! We distressed it with sandpaper on the edges and replaced the knobs with matching ones to the wardrobe (above)  Great for storage and the shelves add extra space for baby's things and brings a new look to a very tired piece of wasted furntiture! 


The couple's bedroom was a room that had not been touched since they moved into their property. It needed much love and some inspiration from Karen and Domenic's life together. They loved the design of their wedding venue which was a gorgeous beach/new hamptons style venue in Ayrshire so I took some influences from that to create a stunning new look! 


The couple's walls were cream and we had them painted a gorgeous mineral blue shade, very calming and soothing as seen below.

I've been asked SO much about this next feature I designed in their room.....I had the idea once I saw how many free pallets we had collected. I knew that by sanding them down, having them cut to size (with a great joiner may I add Colin - thank you) and designing them onto the wall it would create the MOST amazing bedhead design and add a serious style statement too. It just brought the whole room together and the new wall colour looked amazing once we got the wood up. I waxed the wood with a wax used for wood that came in a white colour wax and clear wax. Just rubbed it on like moisturiser with a lint free cloth and worked it into the wood as you saw me do on TV. With some care, time and patience we did this in roughly an afternoon. The sanding took the longest with 3 of us on duty taking turns - but look how gorgeous it turned out! Amazing what you can do with free pallets....

The side tables were designed after the bedhead was installed. We had left over wood and I hate waste so the joiner and I came up with a simple design for 2 new matching side units. Karen and Domenic previously only had 1 side table - so now they can both have a cuppa and plug in their phones and lamps! 

The baby crib was a vintage piece that had been handed down in the family - and was made for this beach inspired bedroom. The gorgeous tallboy unit you see in the above picture was already theirs so to keep their storage - we up cycled it was using some vibrant aqua chalk paint and waxing the surfaces for extra protection. It's a beauty eh? Adds such a pop of colour!

The above picture was Jay's amazing shutter design for Karen's mirror and dressing table he designed. Isn't it just fabulous - looks so stylish and illuminates too! Karen is one stylish woman so now she can sit in great light and enjoy doing her make-up and hair now!

As you saw on the show - this chair was sourced for free from a hotel. It was in amazing condition and was a gorgeous sand colour and a perfect chair for feeding baby too - so I had to have in their bedroom! We re-painted the feet and it was good to go! The chest of drawers was also theirs so we again, up cycled it by painting in chalk paint and distressing by sanding it back. The pieces once finished added so well into the chic, beach hamptons inspired room. So what's your thoughts? It was so much fun to do these rooms and I am beyond thrilled Karen and Domenic loved them so much. 


Music Room before:

The couple had a spare room which was their office and a place for guests to stay over. They are heavily influenced by their love of music, gigs and bands so we had to bring a little rock and roll to this space. The purpose of the room was to be kept the same, so we played around with storage and design to come up with this.........

We moved the desk to the other side of the room to give more purpose and space to work in. Jay's very clever idea of the storage for the desk using drawers from a free online furniture set was genius. Looks so different yet gives a sense of fun and a great space for all their school books!

A look at Max's vinyl lamp he designed for the room - very rock n roll! 

Influenced by their love of going to music festivals I choose this vibrant blue colour to bring more of a relaxed musical outdoor vibe to their room. The chair was free too - amazing what industrial cool finds there are out there!

And finally a look at the new storage wall with the desk in-situ. We re-designed their exsisting book shelves into a console unit for their TV, books and what a difference from the tired old before pics I've shown you! The stool (just shown) was found on Byres Road in Glasgow by me so I took it home on a bus! We re-painted it so Domenic has a stool for practising his guitar now! So be on the look out while you are shopping too - you never know what treasure you'll find in the street!



This house was wonderful to work on and having the chance to work with the team and Jay was inspirational. I hope Karen and Domenic and now their new baby daughter have many, many happy new memories to make in this family house. Hope you really enjoyed watching the episode! 

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