Eva's home on 'Fill your house for Free'

Last week my first episode designing the interiors for the home featured on Gok Wan's 'Fill your home for free' was shown! The beautiful Eva featured her journey with her son and daughter, Ethan and Kianna and I can't express how much of a joy it was to work on designing her 3 rooms in her home....for next to nothing! 

Here are some pics I took once we finished designing and styling and a look at my mood boards for Eva's wishes and dreams for her home. You'll notice the big key piece in the living room was her new sofa, Eva dreamed of an L-shape sofa for her family and I was not going to let her down. I spent some time on Gumtree (my new best friend) and organised through the 'Free' section to pick up the sofa from a home near to where we were filming. It was that easy and great. Be inspired by this - I am as I would have loved that designer sofa in my home!!!! So it's worth spending some time on Gumtree to see what's being given away in your area. Spend a few nights looking if it's something in particular you need and you may strike gold - or just keep looking! It's a fantastic tool to re-use and re-cycle and make your home look fabulous at the same time! 

Hope you are all enjoying the new series of Gok Wan's 'Fill your house for free' - it's so inspiring with Jay, Max and Nessa designing brilliant pieces for home on a budget or for free! can't wait to see the other 4 homes I designed and created! 

Carla x



Here are my mood inspiration boards I designed for the home before starting:



Ethan's finished room: Space Man! 

The stars were all hand painted on! 

Jay Blades AMAZING rocket bookcase design - this was a joy to style! 


Eva's bedroom : Stylish, vintage and Sassy!

The stylish shoe unit was originally a free find - was old pine and look awful. I knew I wanted to design a unit for her shoes - and could see the potential of this when I saw it. We sanded it down, painted it white and mounted onto the wall. Totally transformed what was an old shelf! 


Eva's Living Room - Ta da! 

This was the sofa!!!! (think we had ALL sat on it and lay on it when I took this!!!!) Amazing what Gumtree has to offer! It was so beautiful and Eva loved it!!!! 

gok 2.jpg


We made it possible by my fabulous, ever patient and all round amazing assistant Emily and the BEST runner EVER Graeme - 3 really is the magic number!