Gok Wan's Fill your house for free!

A few months back I took time away on a project that only a few people knew about. Now I can let you all know I had been involved as an Interior designer & Stylist on the new Gok Wan's 'Fill your house for free' !!!!!! The new show starts this coming Monday, 22nd August on Channel 4 at 4pm with Gok at the helm with experts and us showing you how to get the best and most stylish look for next to nothing using free sites and some creative imagination! It was such a privilege to be working in such an esteemed show with designers such as Jay Blades, Furniture Magpies and Max Reestore and hope you all love watching the show and enjoy what I helped create with the team. I'll be showing you over the course of the series once aired some pictures, details and drawings from behind the scenes!