2 minute style tip!

We all have those glasses in your kitchen you keep for 'best' but over time they usually end up missing a partner, chipped or broken leaving a set of mis-matched glasses away in the cupboard. Here is a quick style tip from me - use them for cute flower posy glasses! It's an easy chic way to use nice glasses. I had a pair of wine goblets which one broke leaving me reeling as i never got a replacement. So here is how I'm using it at home as a vase now. I've used mine for my coffee table to add a new, fresh look and lovely too as the sun is out. 

Another quick tip - if you are having a dinner party use your glasses to decorate the table for a vintage look. Cut your stems down on some nice flowers and fit to size to create chic little posy glasses. Will look so stylish on a table setting! 

My look:

- left over glass from TKmaxx

- roses from Sainburys £3 a bunch cut to size

#roses #flowers #candles #glasses #vases #interiors

All pics by Carla Jones