Where do you find inspiration?

Inspiration is so important. Many of us are so busy each day we can walk by 1000 things that could inspire us to do more. Over the last 8 weeks I've been working with such great people on the TV show (which airs in summer). I'm one of those designers who always takes in as much visual stimuli as possible but this journey really made me realise...there is so much more I can take in every day. Even though I always take pictures, I now take more. Take the chance to walk more, I've seen more parts of the UK recently than I ever have so a chance to walk through parts of where I was on location has been lovely. Environmental factors, architecture, people, style, fashion, shops, city centres, food - have all played such a strong visual part in my life in this period. So now that I am back in Glasgow, I want to keep up this level of inspiration. It's a great feeling - so go ahead, step out into your world and look at a few more details on your work journey. Could surprise how it makes you feel! 

A peek into my 8 weeks of inspiration: