Designer Jill Kirkham

At the moment I am lusting after everything that Glasgow Designer Jill Kirkham produces! Her raw, industrial yet soft take on some of Glasgow's iconic buildings really connects with me, being an east end girl. She has a sale on just now at her site, go and have a look! I love her 'pink towers' cushion, a girl take on famed high rise flats (those towers in the east end were on the bus route to town when I was a little girl) and I love her range of tea towels too! So, come on go see before everything goes! Her new collection launches this month - excited to see even more, and no doubt will be sharing her new pieces too with you!

Pink '2 Towers' cushion £30.00 (was £65.00)

Small gold stripe lampshade £30.00 (was £65.00)

White gold stripe Tea towel £4.95 each (was £8.95)