Shopping in Glasgow: West end wonderkid Owen Bisset!

Each week, we will spotlight one of my stockists to show you how fabulous their boutiques are, and allows a peek into what they do and where you can visit. 

First up is the brilliant gift shop to be found on Hyndland Road in Glasgow called 'Owen Bisset Boutique'.  Owen has been stocking my cards since he opened just a few years ago!  His eclectic taste for homeware, jewellery and gifts is simply amazing! It's a very stylish treasure trove as you can see - full of fab pieces sourced by Owen from all over the world - some of his brands such as Prodomos jewellery from Athens is exclusive to his store. So what are you waiting for? go visit ! 

Find his store at:  

65   H Y N D L A N D   S T R E E T
G 1 1   5 P S