Gift ideas for Christmas hosts!

It's coming to that time of the Christmas month where you may be getting invited to parties, dinners or lunches! It can be a little stressful in thinking - what do I take for the host? This could be a family member, a friend, an acquaintance, a partner's parent that may leave you feeling - what on earth do I take as a minding for the invite. My mother taught me very well, NEVER turn up to an invited situation with no gift, and never go to someone's house empty handed. She was so correct, and it's good grace and manners to arrive with something. You don't have to spend a fortune, but bringing something different and lovely will always be very appreciated. So here are some tips and some ideas for you to consider over the festive season:

Points to consider about the host: 

1. Always take something that does not require work to either open or assemble. This takes time away from guests/food prep/drinks. So flowers are a no, as they need unwrapped, need to find a vase, arrange them, then place them. When you have a house full of people, this is the last thing you want to be sorting as a host.

2. Bring a gift that's not overly wrapped. Yes it might look great as you wrap it, but if the host has their hands full with children or a lot of people there, faffing about trying to open some show-boating gift that's going to take a sit down, to find scissors or that the dog may enjoy opening more is not going to go down well. So simple wrapping is best. 

3. Think about your host! If you are really stuck on an idea, think on the last time you were in their company at their home. Do you remember if they had candles lit? then great, go for a candle. Did they have a lot of family pics on display? purchase a classic silver glass frame for them to create more memories to show. Are they great at being hosts? is your glass always full when you visit? Then choose a lovely bottle of prosecco or wine for them! 


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And finally....

Write a lovely thank you card for being invited and take it with you to hand to your guest. It's a lovely touch, and it's good manners to hand write a nice compliment of saying thanks for inviting you. A lot of people are forgetting traditions nowadays, so buck the trend! It's a lovely show off if you are the only person who brought a lovely thank you card. You will be the guest that will be remembered and asked back!