Last minute dash!

It's a few days until Christmas now, and while a lot of us will have their shopping all done, others may still have a few bits to get in town, while some may still have it all to do! Fear not, I've got some top tips to make your trip to town a little less stressful! Go grab a cup of tea and read on! 

1. Go get some paper and a pen so we can make a list right now. 

2. Write everyone's names on it you still have to buy for first of all. Writing a list will make you  focussed and less liable to start picking up stuff in a shop tomorrow to add in to people's stockings, or like we all have done, think that you don't have enough for a person when you really actually do. So, write the names of those you only still have to buy a gift for.

3. Needing gift ideas for the people on the list? Think of their favourite shop or a shop you are most likely to find a gift in for them. Only write one shop, remember it's three days until Christmas, no one has time for a browse in a department store. I'm writing this to help you make sure you get that coffee you want, or to be home for getting the kids or to be back at work from lunch - so planning is so key! One shop remember! 

4. How long do you really have to get these gifts? An hour? two hours? Be real with time and factor in for waiting in queues. You might choose a gift in 5 mins, but you could be another 20 mins in a queue to pay for it, so think. Also factor in parking time, sometimes it can take ages to get out of city centre car parks! Write your time on the top of the page!!!!! Make it a goal, and you'll stick to it! 

5. Put the shops on your list in the order you would visit them. Honestly - I know it sounds daft, but think of the way your going to visit these shops! You don't have time to be floating from one shop to another. Time is key here - do you really want to stressed out with no gifts in the middle of the high street arguing with your kids or partner? Well - take a minute to prioritise the shops that make the easiest route! We've all been there shopping in John lewis at Buchanan Galleries when you suddenly remember you need to buy make up in House of Fraser. That's a mile walk people. Unless you can run that in under 4 mins, that's a pain in the arse walk especially when it's raining. So - think about the best, quickest route in and out to get the gifts! 

5. Reminder: Stick to your list. Don't be adding anyone else in - close the list after you write it tonight! 

6. Take some carrier bags / eco bags. I know I sound like some old grandma, but we are buying more than we normally do so having a few extra bags with us will help plus it keeps us less stressed out about having to pay for another bag. Eco bags are great as they sit on your shoulder leaving your hands free for carrying more. 

7. So, you have your names list, your shop list, a time frame, some ideas online, extra bags and a planned route. Great. Now hopefully that will make things go smoother when the shops open and you get those final presents or in some cases I know - start their shopping. Gulp. Stick to your list, it's the key to getting everything in a good, short time frame. Focus - then that will be you, done! Yay!

Carla x


picture: pinterest